After witnessing a memorable performance by Texas punk band Radioactivity at one of Leipzig’s infamous DIY venues, fellow musicians Fabian Bremer (AUA, RADARE), Nicolai Hildebrandt (Ex-OKTA LOGUE) and Manuel Markstein (WAYSTE) felt the need to form a band to rediscover the raw and visceral energy they just had experienced. This evening laid the groundwork for what soon should become VELCROS. It was a pivotal moment, especially for Bremer and Hildebrandt, who once thrashed together in the short-lived hardcore outfit SARG, which disbanded in 2013. The formation of VELCROS brought everything full circle—a fitting return to their punk roots.

"With a magnetic fusion of Tom Petty‘s undeniable charisma and the raw, unfiltered energy reminiscent of the punk bands such as The Hives or The Wipers, VELCROS masterfully intertwine elements of infectious melody and unapologetic vigor."
Everything Is Noise



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