(CSR012) AUA – “I Don't Want It Darker" LP (12″)

1. Friendo
2. I Don’t Want It Darker
3. Starstruck
4. Coke Diet

5. No Treatment
6. The Energy Vampire
7. Glowing One
8. Umami Karoshi

Release Date: September 4, 2020

Limited to 500 copies
12″ LP limited to 250 on solid black vinyl and 250 on blue in white vinyl

All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Henrik Eichmann and Fabian Bremer. Mastered by Philipp Welsing at Original Mastering. Artwork by Mihailo Kalabić. Graphic Design by Fabian Bremer.

(CSR011) ENTROPY “Liminal” LP (12″)

1. Terminal (Adj.)
2. The Enemy Doesn’t Sleep
3. Northern Line
4. Age Of Anxiety
5. General System Theory

6. Stuttering Days
7. Balancing The Edges
8. Knausgardian
9. A Dying Animal

Release Date: August 21, 2020

Limited to 300 copies
12″ LP limited to 150 on solid black vinyl and 150 on yellow in ultraclear vinyl

All songs written by Hans Frese. Music recorded and mixed by Jens Siefert at RAMA Studios. Vocals recorded by Kristian Kühl at Ton13. Mastered by Hauke Albecht.

(CSR010) GRIN – “Translucent Blades” LP (12″)

1. Helix
2. Orbital Grace
3. Translucent Blades
4. Husk

5. Electric Eye
6. Holy Grief
7. Antares
8. Reviver

Release Date: 17th of January 2020

Limited to 300 copies
12″ LP limited to 150 on solid black vinyl and 150 on clear/white vinyl

Recorded At Hidden Planet Studio. Berlin 2019. All Songs Written & Produced By Jan Oberg. Artwork, Layout And Design By Robert Lefold/Teilchensturm

(CSR009) THE DEAD SOUND – “Cuts” (12″)

1. Do you fear?
2. Not your heart
3. Kill this love
4. Into the dark
5. No tomorrow

6. More fun
7. Here with you
8. Alone
9. Poison lips

Release Date: 19th of July 2019

Limited to 300 copies
12″ LP limited to 150 on solid black vinyl and 150 on clear/neon pink vinyl

Written, performed and recorded by Karl Brausch. Additional recordings by David Laplant. Mixed by Christian Bethge. Mastered by Philipp Welsing. Artwork by Fabian Bremer.

(CSR008) STATUES – “Adult Lobotomy” (12″)

1. Dark Places
2. Sunken City Here We Come
3. Tremors In The North
4. Great Collapse

5. The Bastards
6. Cranium
7. Authoritarian Roots
8. Unnamed Drifter

Release Date: 23th of November 2018

Limited to 300 copies
12″ LP limited to 200 hand-numbered copies on black vinyl and 100 on milky clear vinyl with printed innersleeve

Recorded at Parasit Studios by Fredrik Lyxzén and at Statues rehearsal room during 2 summer days. Produced by Statues and Christian Ramirez. Mixed by Christian Ramirez. Mastered by Mats Hammarström. Artwork by Joel Dunkels @ Blondino Studios

(CSR007) PABST – “Chlorine” LP (12″)

1. Vagabondage
2. Shake the Disease
3. Shits 
4. Perfume
5. Waterslide 
6. Waiting Loop 

1. Accelerate 
2. Cheapskate 
3. Catching Feelings 
4. Commitment Issues 
5. Summer Never Came 
6. Under Water (3:38)

Release Date: 13th of July 2018

Limited to 500 copies
12″ vinyl in transparent neon orange with printed innersleeve

All songs written and performed by Erik Heise, Tilman Kettner & Tore Knipping. Recorded and mixed by Ulrich Wentzlau. Mastered by Magnus Lindberg. Cover photo by Julian Schmitt. Graphic design by Fabian Bremer.

(CSR006) THE LUMES – "Envy" (12")

1. Anguish
2. Slow
3. Discharge

4. Feign
5. Compulsion
6. Who makes me try?

Release Date: 6th of October 2017

Limited to 300 copies
12″ LP limited to 200 hand-numbered copies on black vinyl
and 100 on mint-green vinyl

Recorded & mixed by Tammo Kersbergen, Floyd Atema at Next to Jaap Studio, mastered by Tammo kersbergen. Original artwork by Glynis Quitz. Photography by Annemiek Gouwen. Additional noise on ‘Who Makes Me Try?’ by Janneke Zwetsloot. All music written by The Lumes except for ‘Who Makes Me Try?’ by Space Siren.

Graphic Design by Fabian Bremer

(CSR005) PABST / AUTISTI – Split 7"

A: PABST - Exciter

Written and performed by Erik Heise, Tore Noah Knipping and Tilman Eggebrecht. Engineered, recorded and mixed by Ulrich Wentzlau in Berlin.

B: AUTISTI - Dealbreaker

Release-Date: 1st of September 2017

Written and performed by Louis Jucker, Emilie Zoé and Steven Doutaz. Engineered, recorded and mixed by Louis Jucker at Hummus Lab in La Chaux-de-Fonds and La Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

Side A + B mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Stockholm, Sweden

Design by Fabian Bremer – fabianbremer.com

Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies
with fold-out poster artwork

150 soft-pink/150 mint-blue Vinyl – 45 RPM

(CSR004) YAGOW – "s/t" LP (12")

1. Horsehead Nebula (8:46)
2. Snake Charmer (6:33)
3. Moss & Mint (6:08)

4. Time to get rid of it (5:29)
5. Non-Contractual (8:17)
6. Nude-on-the-moon Dance (6:42)

Release-Date: 16th of June 2017

Strictly limited to 300 copies
screenprinted PVC overbag with kinegram
effect – 12″ black vinyl – neon-printed LP cover

Recorded by YAGOW, mixed by Berni Götz, Kai Peifer and Jan Werner, mastered by Berni Götz

Design by Daniel Fuchs & Manuel Wesely


1. Ninjaune (6:37)
2. El Moustachito (3:57)
3. Délicieux (6:14)

*No music but Etching (see pictures)

Release-Date: 7th of April 2017

Strictly limited to 330 hand-numbered copies
220 on black and 110 on light blue vinyl
One-sided 12” Vinyl with etching

Engineered & recorded by Karim Pandolfo at Hummus Lab in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Mixed & mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios in Stockholm. Visual concept & Design by Fabian Bremer.


Members Only

Ocean Cruise
Watching People Die

Release-Date: 11th of November 2016

Strictly limited to 300 hand-numbered copies incl. Risoprint-Poster
(black vinyl + silver print on black vinyl labels, 350g Foldover-Jacket w/ Half Flap)

Written and Performed by Erik Heise & Tore Noah Knipping. Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Ulrich Wentzlau in Berlin. Mastered by Magnus Lindberg, Redmount Studios in Stockholm. Design by Fabian Bremer.

(CSR001) HEADs. / Closet disco queen – Split 7"

A: HEADS. - Soothe

Release-Date: 15th of April

limited to 222 hand-numbered copies (111 clear/111 white wax)

Side A + B mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg at The Vilhelm Room, Stockholm, Sweden. Design by Fabian Bremer.