AUA is Fabian Bremer and Henrik Eichmann.

An eclectic mix of explosive krautrock-driven beats, Carpenter-esque arpeggios, and surf guitar sounds, all embedded within the darker version of a ’60s lo-fi pop record. The band’s stoically delivered vocals emphasize that the reference to Leonard Cohen’s penultimate record is certainly no coincidence.

If you enjoy the sound of Beak, Broadcast, Suuns, Autolux, or early Caribou records, you might fall in love with this one.

"Imagine Radiohead if they weren’t weighed down with all that baggage. An impressively alienated half hour."
Electronic Sound

"There’s a lot to find here, especially if you’re a filmmaker searching for the right soundtrack to your sci-fi love story."

"There is something weirdly nostalgic about the band's tunes and I can't figure out what it is."
Everything is Noise

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