This band came together unexpectedly during a period when the world appeared to be at a standstill. A substantial phone conversation with Chris Breuer (HEADS., ZAHN) and Jobst M. Feit (RADARE) took place, delving into their shared history in LLYNCH. This conversation ignited the idea to compose songs, aiming to explore the heavier aspects of Jobst M. Feit’s guitar playing that had been neglected since his entry into RADARE in 2010. Once the songs were ready, envisioning anyone other than Chris playing bass seemed inconceivable, and fortunately, he was eager to collaborate. What's even more exciting is that Chris introduced the ideas to the talented drummer and sound artist Peter Voigtmann (HEADS., THE OCEAN), who expressed interest in joining forces. If you like bands such as FAILURE, SCUMBUCKET, THE NOTWIST, LOGH and SLINT, then you will not be disappointed here. New Album in 2024.



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