Enveloping the listener with a mixture of German corporate quotes, spoken-word, and counterpoint singing, JOLLE captures the life of a post-industrial worker in a wild prog-garage rollercoaster that will appeal to any fan of rock, combining both ferocity and intricacy. "Wirtschaft Arbeit Technik" is, above all, fun and catchy, and the German lyrics serve as an invitation to delve deeper into this world of cynicism, pastiche, and unabashed self-pity. No need for Google Translate; these guys convey their dissent through tasty riffs and undeniable energy.

"More Black Keys than White Stripes, Wirtschaft Arbeit Technik shows that the fuzz rockers are capable of something melodic and fun, yet also raw and visceral."

"Loud, abstract, and unconventional, they blend post-communist propaganda with chaotic garage rock."
Visions Mag

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