[PRE-ORDER] THE LUMES “Envy” (CD Digipack)[PRE-ORDER] THE LUMES “Envy” (CD Digipack)

[PRE-ORDER] THE LUMES “Envy” (CD Digipack)


(CSR006) THE LUMES “Envy” – CD Digipack

1. Anguish
2. Slow
3. Discharge
4. Feign
5. Compulsion
6. Who makes me try?

Recorded & mixed by Tammo Kersbergen, Floyd Atema at Next to Jaap Studio, mastered by Tammo kersbergen. Original artwork by Glynis Quitz. Photography by Annemiek Gouwen. Additional noise on ‘Who Makes Me Try?’ by Janneke Zwetsloot. All music written by The Lumes except for ‘Who Makes Me Try?’ by Space Siren.

Graphic Design by Fabian Bremer

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