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LOUIS JUCKER “L’Altro Mondo” Deluxe 5xLP Vinyl Box Set


LOUIS JUCKER “L’Altro Mondo: Music with Lovers and Friends” Deluxe 5xLP Vinyl Box Set

dimensions 37.5 x 31.5 x 1.7 cm
weight ~ 1200 g

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Handmade silk-screen booklet preciously holding 5 Vinyl LPs, recorded by LOUIS JUCKER on various types of 4 tracks machines and lo-fi devices. The entire project has been digitally mastered by swiss sound maniac / volume genius Morgan Hug.

“Muskat” 440 g cardboard cover, with a two colours silk-screen printed design. 170 “Lessebo” deluxe paper custom-made vinyl sleeves. Black & white innersleeves with complete lyrics and recording pictures. 180 g 12″ vinyls

Drawings by Augustin Rebetez

Once again a lovely collaboration with Sophie Gagnebin / Out Of Gas, and Adrien Cochard / Carnet Numéro

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