Heads_Push_Mockups_LP_Cover (1)HEADS. “PUSH” LP (Glitterhouse Records)HEADS. “PUSH” LP (Glitterhouse Records)HEADS. “PUSH” LP (Glitterhouse Records)

HEADS. “PUSH” LP (Glitterhouse Records)


HEADS. “Push” – 12″ LP

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Released by Glitterhouse Records

Blue vinyl limited to 300 copies!
Yellow vinyl limited to 300 copies!


1. Empty Towns
2. Weather Beaten
3. Push You Out To Sea
4. Loyalty
5. Rusty Sling


6. Nobody Moves and Everybody Talks
7. It Was Important
8. A Swarming Tide
9. Paradise
10. As Your Street Get Deserted

HEADS. is Ed Fraser (vocals, guitar), Chris Breuer (bass) and Nic Stockmann (drums). Founded in Berlin in 2014, the trio released their self-titled debut in 2015 on This Charming Man Records, followed by countless shows with artists such as Metz, Daughters, Nothing, Protomartyr and Whores. After Collider, the band’s latest album released in 2018, and following extensive touring all over Europe and the States, HEADS. have taken a massive step forward with PUSH. The album is a wall of sound, a monolith. This is a challenging, original and wild record for fans of acts like Swans, Helmet, The Melvins, Tar, Codeine, Metz, The Jesus Lizard or Protomartyr.

Design by Fabian Bremer


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Vinyl Colour

Blue, Solid Black (180g), Yellow (180g)