HEADS. “Collider” LP (12″)HEADS. “Collider” LP (12″)HEADS. “Collider” LP (12″)HEADS. “Collider” LP (12″)

HEADS. “Collider” LP (12″)


HEADS. “Collider” – LP 12″ Vinyl

TCM092 / This Charming Man Records / Cargo Records

400 black & White Swirl / 500 black Vinyl / 180 Gramm

All songs by HEADS.

Ed Fraser – Guitar, Vocals
Chris Breuer – Bass
Peter Voigtmann – Drums

All lyrics by Ed Fraser, except ‘Smile’ – lyrics by Ed Fraser and Kevin Whitley / Cherubs.

Recorded by Jan Kerscher in October 2017 at Ghost City Recordings, Röttenbach, Germany.
Mixed and Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.
Assistant Engineering by Peter Voigtmann and Dennis Borger.

Additional vocals and guitar noise on ‘Smile’ by Kevin Whitley. Backing vocals on ‘Wolves At The Door’ by Emilie Zoé. Backing vocals on ‘Last Gasp Shout’ by Jan Kerscher. Juno, organ and mellotron on ‘Wolves At The Door’ by Peter Voigtmann. Additional guitar on ‘Last Gasp Shout’ and additional synth on ‘Wolves At The Door’ by Fabian Bremer. Additional drums on ‘Youth’ and ‘To Call and Let It Ring’ by Luc Hess. Saxophone on ‘Youth’ by Paul Roth.

Graphic Design and Layout by Fabian Bremer.

TCM092 Copyright This Charming Man Records 2018.



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black, black & white swirl