ENTROPY “Liminal” LP (Ltd. Vinyl Screenprint Edition)ENTROPY “Liminal” LP (Ltd. Vinyl Screenprint Edition)ENTROPY “Liminal” LP (Ltd. Vinyl Screenprint Edition)ENTROPY “Liminal” LP (Ltd. Vinyl Screenprint Edition)ENTROPY “Liminal” LP (Ltd. Vinyl Screenprint Edition)

ENTROPY “Liminal” LP (Ltd. Vinyl Screenprint Edition)


(CSR011) ENTROPY “Liminal” LP 
Ltd. Vinyl Screenprint Edition – 100 hand-numbered copies

Hand silk-screened cover art; printed on thick 1040 gram cardboard that is as heavy as the music. Yellow in milky-clear vinyl.

Release Date: January 29, 2021

This is a pre-order item with an intended release date of January 29, 2021. Your order will ship on or before this date. If you'd like other items to deliver sooner, please make two separate orders.

1. Terminal (Adj.) (3:37)
2. The Enemy Doesn't Sleep (4:22)
3. Northern Line (5:21)
4. Age Of Anxiety (4:24)
5. February 20, 1974 (5:30)
6. Stuttering Days (4:05)
7. General System Theory (2:51)
8. Knausgardian (5:33)
9. Balancing The Edges (3:27)
10. A Dying Animal (5:09)

All songs written by Hans Frese. Music recorded and mixed by Jens Siefert at RAMA Studios. Vocals recorded by Kristian Kühl at Ton13. Mastered by Hauke Albecht.

Entropy initially started out as a bedroom project but soon developed into a full-fledged band devoted to fusing heavier post-hardcore sounds and indie and shoegaze elements. Think Hüsker Dü meets Helmet meets Nothing meets Torche. There’s a distinct 90s vibe here, sure, but Entropy doesn’t just want to conjure up the past – their energy and drive propels them into the present and keeps their feet firmly planted in the here and now. The band features former and current members of The Now-Denial, Night Slug, Hillside and EA80.

Herr Neumann (duesenjaeger)
“This is nothing less than the best German emo/indie record of the last ten years, and I'm tempted to up that to fifteen years, because I cannot recall anything of recent vintage that comes even close.”

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