AUA “I Don’t Want It Darker” CD

AUA “I Don’t Want It Darker” CD


(CSR012) AUA “I Don't Want It Darker” CD

Release Date: September 4, 2020

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1. Friendo (2:23)
2. I Don't Want It Darker (4:01)
3. Starstruck (3:24)
4. Coke Diet (4:35)
5. No Treatment (3:29)
6. The Energy Vampire (4:11)
7. Glowing One (4:15)
8. Umami Karoshi (6:07)

All songs written, performed, recorded and mixed by Henrik Eichmann and Fabian Bremer. Mastered by Philipp Welsing at Original Mastering. Artwork by Mihailo Kalabić. Graphic Design by Fabian Bremer.

“I Don’t Want It Darker” delivers an eclectic mix of explosive Krautrock-driven beats, Carpenter-esque arpeggios and Surf guitar sounds, embedded in the aesthetics of a darker version of a 60s Lo-Fi Pop record. If you enjoy Beak>, Autolux, Broadcast, Suuns or early Caribou records, you might fall in love with this one.

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